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Nowadays digital cameras are replacing conventional film cameras. It is true that many people prefer to buy digital cameras then normal cameras. There are many reasons for this change. With digital cameras there is no need to keep the film safe. No need to wait to see the photos until the whole film roll is finished. No need to bring to a studio to print. The advantages of buying a digital camera are many. So many want to buy digital cameras.

But what are the different types of digital cameras? How much is its price? Which digital camera to choose? And many such questions are common while buying digital cameras.

Here are the buying tips for choosing a digital camera. The price ranges from $120 to $700. So based on your budget and your requirements you should choose the various features in a digital camera.
  • Compared to digital cameras with CMOS sensors, digital cameras with CCD sensor is better. The CCD sensor cameras are smaller in size and produce a better quality.
  • The resolution should be high. 640x480, 1024x768, 768x1280, 1024x2048 are some of the resolutions in digital cameras.
  • The camera memory should also be high. If you need greater clarity the digital camera's internal memory should be high. Generally 2, 8 or 16MB internal memory camera's are available. So choose a higher one.
  • See the interface of the digital camera to a computer. Both USB interface and Parallel ports are available. But a USB interface camera is better because of the speed and easy to use features.
  • A camera with Viewfinder is good. Using this you can view the picture other than from the LCD.
  • Optical zoom is most important. Even if it is expensive choose the camera with an optical zoom
  • See if you can increase the camera's memory. Compact Flash card, smart media or Memory sticks can be used to increase the camera's memory. Never choose a camera in which you cannot change the camera's memory.
  • Usually in order to print the photos, you will have to first copy the photos from digital cameras to the computer and then print it from the computer. But there are cameras which can be directly connected to the printer to print. If printing photos are your main job then choose a camera that can directly connect to a printer
  • Some digital cameras are capable of capturing short videos. If you need this feature then see if the camera has this feature.
  • Choose the digital camera with a fast shutter speed. If you are buying a digital camera for use in your profession then you should have a camera with very high shutter speed.
  • See if the camera is user friendly and easy to use. See if the buttons are easy to press.
  • See if the camera is designed such that your fingers never come in between the flash or the lens. Choose a camera that is designed based on Ergonomics.

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