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Tablet PC Vs Notebook

Many find typewriting in Computers very tedious. If only the computer can listen to someone speaking and then automatically convert speech to text. Yes, it is possible. Speech Recognition software are plenty in the market.

What if the computer can convert natural writing to text instead of typing? This too is possible using the 'Character Recognition' and 'Transcriber' technologies used in PDAs and Tablet PCs.

What is a Tablet PC?

Tablet is a computer. It is smaller in size than a notebook and bigger than a PDA. Therefore you can carry Tablet PCs easily.

A special feature in Tablet PC is the 'Slate'. Students can use this feature just like a slate. It comes with a special pen, using which you can write on the slate and the computer will read and convert it into text.

The slate in Tablet PC is nothing but a special monitor and 'Stylus' is the special pen used to write on the slate.

The Operating System in a Tablet is either Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or Windows CE.

Many Tablet PCs comes with a keyboard. Therefore those who want to type can use this keyboard. And those who do not like to type can use the stylus and the slate.

Just like desktop PCs, Tablets also can be equipped with MS Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Email, Browser etc.

Notebook Vs Tablet

Most of the Tablet manufacturers make their Tablet PCs to be able to be used as a notebook too. For example, Acer and Toshiba Tablets can also be used as a notebook. If the monitor of the Tablet is turned 180 degrees and faced other side it becomes a notebook.

Some brands in addition to slates also provide keyboards. So if you insert the keyboard it will become a notebook and if you take out it becomes a Tablet. HP makes this type of Tablets.

Some brands just come with the slate. ViewSonic makes this type of Tablet PCs.

Who Needs a Tablet PC?

Those who don't know typing, or those who know but do not like to type or those who type very slow are some of the people who can buy a Tablet PC.

Doctors who would like to store the details of the patients faster, Lawyers who want to record the details of a case also can use Tablet PC.

Students, Teachers, Press reporters, Stenos also can use Tablet PCs.

Do you need training to use Tablet PCs?

Yes. You need to train the Tablet PCs. Because the Slate has to recognize your handwriting style. If your hand writing is very legible and clear then you don't have to worry. Tablet will easily recognize your hand writing.

Configuration of Tablet PCs.

Generally Pentium III M or Crusoe chips are used at a speed ranging from 800 MHz to 1.5 GHz.

The screen ranges from 10.4" to 12.1" with a resolution of 1024x768.

The weight of the Tablet usually ranges from 1.4Kg to 1.8 Kg, so it can be easily carried around.

The price ranges from $3500 to $6000

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