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It is very difficult to find an office without computers. Computers alone cannot help to make an efficient office. There are other computer related devices required in an office. For example the documents that you create using computers cannot be printed without a printer. Next, you need a scanner to scan documents, letters etc and bring to the computer. An
office also requires a photo copier to copy printed documents and letters to make additional copies. Finally to send out documents to outside world a FAX machine is required.

Consider that you need a printer, Scanner, Photocopier and a FAX machine. If you buy these machines separately you need to spend more money and these machines will occupy more office space.

MFD (Multi Function Device) integrates all these four functions into a singe device. Therefore you only buy a single machine and save money and space. There are many MFD brands such as HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung and Brother are available. The price of most of these MFDs are affordable.

MFDs are also called 'All-in-One' device. Printing, Scannig, Photocopying and Faxing all in one device. Most people now do not use FAX and therefore
there are many MFD models without FAX.

Buying tips for MFD (Multi Function Device)

  1. As mentioned above all MFDs can Print, Scan and Photocopy. Some MFDs can additional send FAX.

  2. Generally all MFDs are Inkjet printers. This is because, Inkjet printers are cheap. But the inkjet cartridges are very expensive and hence the maintenance cost becomes very high. Therefore there are new models of MFD which uses laser printers. The maintenance and printing cost in laser printers are lower and the printing quality is high.

  3. Some MFDs have the email feature. So just like FAXing a document, you can also scan a document and email it to an email address using the MFD. Lexmark calls this feature as 'Scan-to-mail' where as HP calls it as 'Digital Sending'.

  4. Some MFDs have the ability to directly scan, print and photocopy without the need to connect to a computer. This is also referred to as 'Direct USB printing & Scanning'.

  5. Some MFDs have the ability to photocopy and print both sides of the paper.

  6. MFDs can be connected to the network and shared. So many computers in the same network can scan, print, FAX, email or photocopy using the same MFD.

  7. Some MFDs can do Multi Tasking. Most of the MFDs can scan, photocopy or print, but cannot do two or more tasks at the same time. But some models have multi tasking so while you are faxing a document you can also send email or start printing at the same time.

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