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MP3 Player:

Apple’s IPOD device gets an unique position to enjoy listening to songs and to store it. Recently Sandish Corporate introduces a device namely Sansa player, which is same as IPOD. But its memory capacity is two times greater than IPOD. It’s memory capacity is nearly 8GB here we can load and hear 2000 songs. 4GB IPOD player and 8GB Sandish player are sold for 250 $.
Sandish Organization produces their flash memory chip by own, so that the cost of flash memory chip will get reduced. They got a unique position to give the chips for worldwide.

Three-in-One device:

Index Technology Company introduces a new device, which is the combination of MP3 player, PEN drive and FM Radio. It is very Useful to the Users.

Two models of 3 in 1 devices are introduced based on their memory capacity of 512MB and 1GB. 3 in 1 device have the options of MIKE, VOLUME CONTROLLER, PLAY, FORWARD, REVERSE, SEARCH, REPLY, REPEAT. It also gives EARPHONE, USB combining drive and also one-year guarantee. 512MB 3 in 1 player cost Rs.2999 and 1GB 3 in 1 player cost Rs.3, 800

Lenova’s ThinkPad:

Lenova produce tow notebook computer’s by using the dual core chip of Intel’s. They are respectively named as ThinkPad Z61 and R60.Thinkpad Z61 has 14.1-inch screen and R60 has 15.4-inch screen. Its initial price is 60,000 Rs.

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