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By the invention of new chip Intel organization makes a milestone in the usage of personal computer. The chip contains two new functional processors. The personal computer containing this kind of chip would able act as double-brained system. Past 12years empire of the Pentium chips comes to an end. This new invention had brought on the silver jubilee of the invention of personal computer.

This chip had been brought 40years after the invention of moor’s law. Moor’s law says that the capacity and speed of the processor will be doubling every 2 years while the cost remains same.

By using this dual pc we get high clarity of video, picture and audio’s. even though we get digitalize pictures in 3D effect.

Uses of dual core processor:

It can handle to entirely different type of processes as fast and easily at same time. For example a dual core chip can do the work of making imagination about the four car’s traveling path and also it can observe the path for it. We don’t want improve the speed of cars. by this dual core chip we do the music file downloading and games downloading on same time. At the same time we can also handle high capacity of data’s also. Before the dual core technology we use Hyper-threading technology, which can manage two different processes at single time. But dual core technology handles four different processing at single time.

What is the meaning of chipset?

We know about the word chipset in production of pc. What is mean by chipset? And what is the work of it? Shall we discuss about it?
Chipset is the most important part of our desktop computer’s motherboard. All works are done around it. Chipset manage the work of how to execute commands which would be executed first how the output is get. Work done by using the memory. This the main work of chipset.

A chipset contain two bridges namely south bridge and North Bridge. North Bridge contains the working parts like CPU, system memory and work between graphical memories. This is called as Intel memory controller hub. Intel organization calls the graphical and video processes as graphical memory controller. South Bridge is called as integrated controller hub. It contains 3GB serial ATA, raid level matrix, high definition audio, USB ports. CPU is the central part of computer. It is called as central processing unit up to now we use the CPU, which contain only one CPU, but dual core chip.

While computer is processing CPU should acting very fast for this huge amount of heat will be produced it won’t cool by the fan, which is fixed on the CPU. Instead of this we use dual core chip means it will reduce the heat. New edition software designed as the facility using dual core. So the execution time must be reduced for example in Internet we can view and copy was ten sites at a single time at the same we can also make work on word processor also.
Lets consider that you are hearing MP3 songs in mp3 player, suddenly u want to edit a picture from the Photoshop and mail it to your friends. Computer speed will be decreases when tasks are increases. In future more number of Technologies important take over in dual core chip.

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