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Everyday there are many new application software launched. Most of these new applications do not run on old computers. The minimum requirements for most applications are not suitable for old computers. Therefore many, either upgrade the computers or buy a new computer. It is good to upgrade and switch to the latest computer. But then the question arises, what to do with the old computer? Some take the old boxes from their store rooms and put the old computer and store it. Some just don't know what to do with the old computer.

If you are one of those who doesn't know what to do with your old computer, here are some tips to make use of your old computer.
  1. Sell your old computer

    Your friends, your neighbours, inform everyone you know that you have an old computer to sell. There may be someone who wants to get a computer very cheap. Even if they offer to buy at very very low price, just sell it to them. Remember that old computers do not have much commercial value. It is better than stocking it in your store room for no reason.
  2. Remove parts and sell

    Remove each computer part separately and try to sell individual parts. Some may be looking for just one part of the computer like keyboard, mouse, hard drive, video card or network card. Or try the Yahoo auction website. You can list your computer there and wait for people to bid.
  3. Donate your old computer free.

    Many schools, community centers or even someone poor whom you know may need your computer. Even some voluntary organisations may accept your donation of your old computer.
  4. Learn about computer hardware

    What is a motherboard? what are the components? How to remove and fix hard disk? Where is the RAM in the computer? Which is the power connector? Which is the data connector for harddisks and floppy disks. How to fix them?

    If you need to know the answers of these questions then use your old computer to learn about the computer hardware. Open it and learn them.
  5. Create a computer network

    You can connect your old computer to your new computer and create a computer network. You just need two network cards and cables. You can then enjoy the network's benefits. You can use a single internet connection in two computers. You can play Multiplayer Games. You can install the games in these two computers and you can play a two player game with your fried. Isn't it better to play against a person rather than the computer?
  6. Install Linux and try it

    Linux is a free operating system. You can install and try linux in your old computer.

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