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Two months back Intel started a revolution on P.C by releasing DUAL CORE CHIP. After that now it releases the CPUs with 4 chips in November 2007. In dual core chip we get a new experience on 3D games. But four-in-one chips will increase the potential of the server. The chips would be released on 2007.It would increase the usage to the computer in home and in office. Mr.Ottelni chief of Intel says that the four-in-chip is 70% more effective than the dual core chip. Now Intel 65 Nm Tech, by next year it use 45Nm Tech. (1Nm = 1/109 m). In 45 Nm techs we can fix the transistors closely into the chip. If we fix more number of Transistors in a small space, it will increase the efficiency. If we fix four-chip combination it increases the efficiency and also reduce the heat.

In his seminar Ottenli shows a silicon wafer chapathi. It contains 80 Tera flop chips by using the chips we can execute 1 Lakh crores digital actions within one second. Now it is in starting stage, soon it comes to trade oriented if can execute a job of a computer, which contains thousand chips.

He also shows the P.C named community P.C that is designed by specialist in Bangalore Intel. This computer is more compact and air tight batteries. They are also manufacturing computer named schoolmate, which is used by students. It is a small notebook computer for school students. It doesn’t have hard disk, instead of that flash memory is used. It costs around Rs. 13,500. In future its cost must be reduced and will be used by all school students.

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