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While printing using Laser printers, you need to insert pages one by one to print. Because of this, only one side of the paper can be printed at a time. But most of the times we may want to print on both sides of the paper. If you are facing with a similar need to print on both sides of the paper, then follow these tips.

First insert a paper. Carefully note, which side of the paper is being printed by the printer. After printing the first page, printer will alert saying that the paper tray is empty. Now insert the same printed paper but this time insert it the other way, so that the printer will print on the blank side of the paper. Now press on 'resume printing / continue printing' button. As soon as you insert the paper, the printer will use its sensors to sense and suck inside to start printing the second page.

But the method described above is not the best way to print on both sides of the paper. There is another easier method. When you give the 'Print' command, in the Printer dailog box, look for the 'Pages' section and type numbers '1,3,5,7....' (which is all the odd numbers). Remember to use a comma in between two numbers. In some printers you will see 'Odd Pages' option. If your printer has this option then you can just select this option instead of typing all the odd numbers in the Pages box. Now your printer will print all the odd pages of the document and start printing. Again see which side of the page is the printing page. After all the odd pages are printed, take all these printed papers and place them again in the paper tray (note that you should place them such that the printing side is correct). After you place them, again give the 'Print' command and either type all the even numbers such as '2,4,6,8...' etc or select the 'Even pages' option. Now you will get both pages of the paper printed correctly.

Note that some newer printers are more intelligent and has an option to specify that 'print both sides' of the paper. If your printer has this option then printer will print the first page and automatically the paper will be sucked in for printing the second side of the page.

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